VMG Tips & Tricks Archive

Fall 2016: Getting the Most from your VMGSim Case Studies

Spring 2016: Use the VMG Excel Add-In to Generate an Equipment Datasheet Template

May 2015: Easy automation with VMGSim: Part 1

February 2015: Using the Oil Database Tool

December 2014: Making the most of an extended gas analysis

November 2014: Shortcuts using the component splitter

September 2014: Estimating heating values for gasification waste-derived feedstocks in VMGSim

March 2014: Product Distribution Analysis in Distillation Curve Unit Operation

July 2014: Refinery and Natural Gas Tabs in Material Streams

June 2014: VMGSim PI intergration with OSIsoft

April 2014: Integration of VMGSim Dynamics with OLGA via OPC

December 2013: Creating oil feeds using PIONA characterization

November 2013: Fitting the SARA Regular Solution Model to Asphaltene Precipitation Data in VMGSim

July 2013: Create a line sizing summary for your case

June 2013: Characterization of Oils with the Minimum amount of Data

February 2013: New PFD border and information shapes in VMGSim 7.0

January 2013: Tower form - VMGSim 7.0

November 2012: Copying Reactions in VMGSim 7.0

August 2012: VMGSim 7.0 New usability features

July 2012: Using the Claus Oxygen Calculator in generic combustion applications

June 2012: Use the Case Study to Manipulate and Read String Variables

May 2012: Use VMGSim's COM Enginer to populate custom datasheets

April 2012: Use the Property Table to visualize the phase map

March 2012: Distillation control design - Selecting candidate stage for temperature control scheme

February 2012: Reporting customization

January 2012: Use Model Regression tool to adjust Hypothetical Components

December 2011: Three tips that will save you time

November 2011: Importing and exporting a property package

September 2011: New Process Calculator features in VMGSim 6.5

March 2011: Create a Material Stream On the Fly

March 2010: 10 ways to open a unit operation form

November 2009: Copy/Paste connection now inside VMGSim

August 2009: Make the most out of the summary sets

June 2009: Making use of the Send Visio to Back feature

April 2009: Adding units to the unit conversion tooltip form

February 2009: Creating user component databases

December 2008: VMG - Tips and tricks

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